Schneider & Peklar

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1300 Flughafen Wien, Austria

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Safety for survival

Entrepreneurial action is becoming more and more of a risk. Increased competition. Risk peculiar to the trade. Low equity capital. A globalised economy increases risk potential. Markets are becoming more unstable, the ability to meet financial obligations falls by the wayside.

Reason enough to look out for the credit rating and solvency of the business partners: Honestly: What do you know about the stability of your partners? Or are you more attracted by a minor price advantage than by security for a long-term cooperation?

Your SPEDITIONS-PARTNER GMBH Schneider & Peklar can offer this guarantee. This is confirmed by our certified financial standing index of 174. A sign for reliability and a solid company structure which you can count on as a SPEDITIONS-PARTNER GMBH Schneider & Peklar partner.

For more information about the financial standing index click the button. The credit rating evaluation of your SPEDITIONS-PARTNER GMBH Schneider & Peklar is uptdated daily at www.creditreform.at