Schneider & Peklar

Objekt 299, Cargo Nord
1300 Flughafen Wien, Austria

Tel.: +43 / 1 / 3322 322
Fax: +43 / 1 / 3322 323
Email: office@speditions-partner.at

Corporate Philosophy

In an ever changing world of transportation we strive to always find the ideal traffic routes for our customers and to guarantee transport handling at the highest level. This is our corporate philosophy, our logo stands for it and so do our employees. Simply leave the adventure “forwarding” to us: The SPEDITIONS-PARTNER GMBH Schneider & Peklar will open up new transport-horizons for you!

… we put trust in our experience and get the vote of confidence from our customers…

… we show respect for our customers and their demands just as we respect ourselves…

… we fully accept the responsibility, to offer the best possible service at an attractive price…

… we are like a big family and loyal to all its members: our customers, our partners and our employees…

… as a family we will solve all problems together…

… the rapport which is built between our customers and our employees, guarantees that each business transaction will run smoothly…