Schneider & Peklar

Objekt 299, Cargo Nord
1300 Flughafen Wien, Austria

Tel.: +43 / 1 / 3322 322
Fax: +43 / 1 / 3322 323
Email: office@speditions-partner.at



Fields of responsibility:

since 2005: Managing Director
previous occupations/activities:

  • from 1998 to 2005: authorised signatory
    with Schneider & Peklar, 1110 Vienna
  • International business studies at the WU Wien

The first direct truck service from Italy to Austria started under the impressive name „Mozart-Express“ at the beginning of the 60s and has its continuation in Asia today. From the company which was managed by Josef V. Peklar, the great-uncle of today’s managing director, this tradition was passed over to the company SPEDITIONS-PARTNER GMBH Schneider & Peklar. Then as now, the guiding principle has been that of a privately owned and independent company.

With its highly motivated and multilingual office and warehouse employees in Vienna, the SPEDITIONS-PARTNER GMBH Schneider & Peklar, has a lean structure and can easily and flexibly respond to special customer demands and current market requirements. We need not fear comparison with the “big players: The SPEDITONS-PARTNER GMBH Schneider & Peklar has world-wide cooperations with strong, prestigious and independent market leaders, who are in a position to offer excellent services customised to market demands. The result is a first-class network with almost infinite options.

State-of-the-art IT-equipment consolidates our innovate position, secures stability and sound growth. This symbiosis of technology and human potential guarantees excellent service for our clients at any time. This enables us to satisfy well-known customers from all lines of business such as manufacturers of branded goods, subcontractors to the automotive industry, major exporters etc. when it comes to transport technology.

Our credo: We do not see the connection between customers and suppliers in the classic sense of a one-way relationship, but as a real partnership. We would like to be the partner in all forwarding matters for our customers – based on a long-term relationship. In this spirit we plan to grow steadily and homogeneously and continually safeguard our long-term success. Even at this stage we are able to meet the demands and requirements of our customers and will continue to do so in future.

In order to cope with this difficult task, it will continue to be essential in future to spot trends and developments in good time and react accordingly. With our area-wide network, our employees with long years of experience and our close relationship to our clients and partners we will meet the challenges of the new century.

And last but not least, a sound equity capital setting, which is way above market-average, guarantees a stable basis and puts us in a position to competently implement top-level projects to the full satisfaction of our customers.